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Website Analysis plays a major role when it comes to analyzing your website for success. It not only tells you about the number of visitors coming to your site, it also tells you about where they are coming from, which part of your site is receiving the maximum traffic, what keywords are the users using to come to your site and much more. Carefully analyzing this information not only helps you in understanding things from the user point of view, this information can be pretty useful when it comes to expanding your business as well.Using this information, not only can vast improvements be made in your site, you can also come to know about the medium people are using to come to your site, whether they are coming from search engines or ads etc, and also the keywords that they are using which further helps you in optimizing your site ranking.
Website Analysis presents your business with the following useful information:
Visitor Information
Using website analysis you can easily know the number of visitors logging onto your site in a week/month/year. It also tells you about the medium that has been used by them the most to come to your site, what are the most popular parts of your site etc. This info can be pretty useful in developing a strategy for expansion of your business.
Traffic Analysis
This feature tells you about the time of the day when traffic on your site is maximum. Which portion of your site receives the maximum traffic and which the least, how long does the user stay on your site etc.
Marketing Information
It also tells you about the keywords that have been used the most by users to come to your site. This info helps you in optimizing your site around keywords that are mostly used and those which are favorite with the users.
Mistake Reports
Sometimes a part of your site isn’t accessible or your site maybe having some broken links. Mistake reports underline these concerns to you, correcting these concerns go a long way in adding credibility to your site.
Target Audience
Website analysis also tells you a lot about your target audience. Which country are they from, which language do they speak, are they students or professionals. This information helps you focus on your target audience and also devise a strategy for the same.
With the amount of competition on the web, every company these days is making use of Web Analytics tools to outdo their competitors. Using this information not only gives you a hang of the market, it is also pretty useful when it comes to planning your site’s growth story.
10 Tools to Analyze Your Website

Understanding how users find, see, and interact with your website is a great way to improve your content, design, and navigation. Understanding your site will help you craft a better user experience.
There are several tools on the web that can expose telling data about your site. Below are 5 tools which will help you analyze your site.
Website Grader

Website Grader is a free seo tool that measures the marketing effectiveness of a website. It provides a score that incorporates things like website traffic, SEO, social popularity and other technical factors. It also provides some basic advice on how the website can be improved from a marketing perspective.
SEO Analyzer

This tool will show you the structure of your pages and help you achieve higher search engine rankings.
Summit Media’s Spider Simulator

This service provides you with a report on aspects of the page that are used to determine how highly in a search engine the page is ranked, and also gives some general usability feedback.
PageRank Checker For Your Backlinks

This tool will output sites linking in and will list each of the links PageRank. You can also list out the links that have a nofollow attribute.
Crazy Egg

Create tests to figure out what people are doing on your website. This service presents the results using three different methods: Overlays, Lists and Heatmaps. The free version allows your to test 4 pages simultaneously and up to 5,000 visits per month.
Browser Shots

Browsershots is a free service that makes screenshots of your web design in several different browsers.
W3C Markup Validation

Validating your documents is an important step which can dramatically help improve and ensure your documents quality.
Google Analytics

Google Analytics offers a host of compelling features from keyword and campaign comparison to funnel visualization. This service is free and easy to implement.

Mint is a self-hosted web site analytics program that offers information on your users, referrals, geo-mapping and much more.
DNS Scoop

Although DNS Scoop’s main intent is to value a domain, it provides some good info on Pagerank, traffic, and links pointing to your domain.
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