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A blog or a web log is a platform where in information about any subject is presented as posts displayed in a specific order (usually chronologically descending). The word blog can be used both as a noun and a verb. As a noun it refers to the specific blog or web resource, as a verb the word blog refers to the task of setting up or writing a blog entry. Since its inception in early 90’s blogs have become very popular and have become an important portal for information transfer in this digital world. On last count it is estimated that there are over 20 million blogs live online in various languages.
Blogs have an important feature that sets them apart from the regular static websites. Blogs are interactive by design. Viewers can read the article and then leave comments and feedback about the article. In turn the writer can further comment on their comment or reply to the comment. Thus it becomes a two way communication. Therefore blogs have become an important part of spreading social messages and propaganda.This interactive feature holds a bonanza for many web masters who bother and care to play by a few simple rules.Every time you leave a comment on a blog, there is a field for your website address which gives a link to your website from that particular blog. Therefore every comment approved by that blog counts as a link. Sounds simple ,but in practice it is quite difficult and tedious to gain links this way.
This is the best and cost-effective search engine friendly content for the website. Traffic increase of your site can be attributed to Blog commenting and review. This is a marketing strategy aimed at generating a substantial direction of traffic to your site. Blog readership has made such a remarkable following among users. The expertise of the editorial team in blog writing and commenting has proven to be very effective in directing traffic to your site which is a vital factor in marketing your services and products.
As a marketing strategy, bloggers audience usually immerse themselves reading the blogs to get insights to your business. Blogs are written purposely as an informative medium regarding the products and services offered because these are directed at a target audience.
Link building is also a valuable result in blog commenting which in turn popularises your site. Well-written blog reviews ensure maximum promotion of products and services and SEO value as well.Contextual links are also built to achieve an increase in ranking by the search engines.
Indexing in search engines is the basis in determining the quality of blog. The page ranking of 1 to 4 in a spread of one year for a blog to be established.Blog comments and reviews are usually pulled out from expired domains so that the links remain active and search-able. Link titles will be provided by the client but shall be spread and rotated in every blog submitted. Search engines rank the page according to the texts used in the labels.

Key Features

All the reviews will be written by experts who are knowledgeable in SEO.

Written reviews will be rich in keywords.

Reviews will be posted to those blogs which are already established – those who are already indexed by Google.

Blog reviews will be posted only with blogs having at least a page rank of 1 or higher.

We allow them to check our works before final submission – guaranteed customer satisfaction of 100%
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